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Attic Ventilation Solutions for Concrete and Clay Tile, Shingle, Slate and Shake Roof Applications


From its founding roots as a roofing company over 40 years ago, O’Hagin has grown into an internationally-recognized designer and manufacturer of top-quality, state-of-the-art attic ventilation solutions.


O’Hagin attic vents have both local and national approvals. O’Hagin vents resist wind-driven rain, snow, flames and burning embers while providing superior airflow.


O’Hagin attic vents match the tiles produced by most roof tile manufacturers and blend seamlessly with most other roofing materials – including asphalt shingles. If O’Hagin does not currently make it, then we can custom fabricate a vent for most any profile of clay or concrete tile in the world.


Each profile model is available in 26-gauge galvanized steel, .032 aluminum, or 16 oz copper. All models are thoroughly tested, easy to install and remain completely maintenance free.


Let O’Hagin provide your projects with code required attic ventilation calculations and an attic vent installation plan today for FREE!

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